Finally a Halloween theme . Sorry I m late guys 1 3 . . . . Whats your favorite season ? Fall

Nerds . . What time is it where you are at?? 15 20 . . .

Real quick insta snow ! Sneak peek of my next video! . Guess the name of the slime this is going into! . . . .

Bread dough or slime?? Ik this video won t get most attention but I thought it was hilarious!!! I make bread pizza dough so often I feel like that s w

This is old but I promise my content is getting better . . . . Do you like cats or dogs?

1 3 I wish they had a black cat emoji . Just like I promised 2 videos today. Also her name is Linda and don t make fun of Linda she s special

Purple BUTTER . . I ve been SOO active this weekend I hope you guys can handle it ! Obviously not cause I ve lost 2 followers . . If you ve ever

Will it clear up? 2 3 . . I m in Scranton right now AND JUST HAVING FLASH BACKS OF THE OFFICE! . . . How many times have you watched the office

Clear slime mixing. 1 3 It was still clearing up but I couldn t wait . .

love the fizz . . What do you want to be when you grow up?? I don t even know and I have to decide in the next couple months! . . . Tags? #slim

Part 3 3 . . . . Comment orange emojis !

3 3 the name of this slime is burnt marshmallows there s a white gooey center just like I like my marshmallows This is a cream cheese slime a

OmG THIS MADE SUCH A GOOD JIGGLY SLIME!! I didn t expect it to turn out this good honestly! It also is clear if you use the right ratio I didn t

So a quick story about this slime... it s been in my cabinet for about 2 months and I didn t know it unactivated so enjoy this sticky stick slime .

This is A DUMBBB glossy slime I can t remember what I did with it after this video but ohhh welll . . . . If your 10 12 you re a weird cat If your

LAST VIDEO WITH THE SET UP Sorry I haven t been posting a lot, me and my boyfriend just did a big move. We finally moved out of my parents hou

Trying to get my swirls prefect . How do you guys like the new set up?? I love it I finally found a white bored. Thanks to meerkatslimez for giving m

3 3 ITS FINALLY OVER . . . Any homework? I have adult homework but I ll put it off till tomorrow again . . .

Old hot sauce.. There s really no reason for this post.. I m just trying to get peoples attention . . . . Do you like hot sauce ??

Cotton candy cloud slime, all I could think about was maddiemoon98 just cause Ik how much she love the cotton candy flavor. . . . Good morning !