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It is a well known fact black cats are the most unliked unchosen pets to be chosen at a rescue.. As a previous owner of 2 black cats, Salem Binx this does upset me yes I was a child when I named them they were called after Sabrina and Hocus Pocus . Whether the reason is because you re superstitious or in general you just don t fancy a black cat this is such a shame. Cats really can be lovely pets, with love care they can become your companion for life. The advantage cats is depending on their upbringing they can be a lot more independent instead of other pets however I would always advise to give as much love and care to your pets as possible because there really is nothing better. #blackcats #rescuecat #salemthecat #binxthecat #hocuspocus #blackrescuecat #catsofinstagram #rescuepet #giveacatahome #petcat